​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Birthdays 

Zane Washburn           11-2
Madeleine Rathbun     11-14
John Winchester          11-17
Cherie Hadlock           11-16
Pat Beldon                  11-24

​All Saints Day Observance Thursday, November 1, 2018 6:00 PM
We will honor our beloved dead in a service of memory and reflection.
We will especially remember our sister Dorothy Jean MacLean Bryant
August 2, 1929~December 22, 2017
Veterans Day Recognition Sunday, November 11, 2018 10:30 AM
Our local Veterans will be recognized during our regular Sunday morning worship service. 
Everyone is welcome!
A Coffee Hour will follow the service.
October Gratitude List
Thank You!!
Steve Goobic for the Hiking the Appalachian Trail Program.  The chapel was full with happy listeners from Connecticut, Georgia, Orgeon, Pennsylvania, Florida and New York.  Thanks, Steve, for a great program!

The Youth Group went Ziplining with youth leader Jen Gardner, and chaperones Joan Hadlcok, and Anne Lott.

The Deacons Annual Harvest Dinner was coordinated by Deacons Jackie Washburn,

Liz Bawden, Tom Gordnier, Randy Kraft, Sue McWharf, Rosie Salamacha with many many helpers including Sue’s sister Judy, Marilyn Hunter, Greg Bush, Jennifer McGregor. Denise Diana, Sabrina Atherton, Donna Hadlock, Joan Hadlock, Ann Root, Lana Storie, Savannah Rathbun, Kennon Gardner, Liz Scarlett, George & Claire Mathews, Zane Washburn, Nolan Gardner, Jennifer Gardner, Rev. Evon.  Thank you all who contributed time, energy, cooking skills, food, finances, appetites, and presence!

Thank you, Larry Worden for bringing residents from RiverLedge to the Harvest Dinner.

Custodian Randy Kraft for making sure the church was ready for our two October weddings!

James and Amy(Scarlett) Furgison and helpers for storing the pavilion chairs and tables for the winter!

Rosie Salamacha for accompanying Rev. Evon to RiverLedge for the monthly worship service with the residents.

Trick or Treat Participants on Halloween in the Dining Hall.

The Gardner Family for tending the playground and providing and spreading fresh wood chips!
Wedding Bells pealed for
Brady and Sarah (Koerick) Hayden on October 13, 2018
James and Amy (Scarlett) Furgison on October 20, 2018
Congratulations and blessings of peace and love to these newlyweds!
 Rev. Evon and Tom will be traveling to Louisville, KY for the PCUSA’s Presbytery Moderator’s Conference and will be combining the trip with some vacation time with their family over Thanksgiving. (November 14-27.)
Please keep them in prayer during their travels.
Guest Preachers while they are away will be The Reverend Ted Tate, Nov. 18
and The Reverend Martha Montovani, Nov. 25.
Please make Ted and Marti feel welcome!!

​The Hammond Masonic Lodge will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner on November 15th at 5pm-7pm here at the Hammond Presbyterian Church’s Dining Room. Proceeds will benefit several local charities. Adults are $10, Children ages 12-5 are $5, and Children under 5 years old are FREE!!
If you haven’t noticed already, please take a moment to look at the playground area. Many thanks to Team Gardner for clearing the over growth and putting down new wood chips.  This playground is a favorite of our younger members. It is a blessing to have this playground and folks who work to keep it in good order for the children.

The annual Per Capita Assessment is based on the membership reported by each church. The 2018 Per Capita fee for our Presbytery has been confirmed at $23.75. Each per capita payment is divided, with $8.11 for General Assembly, $4.10 for the Synod of the North East, and $11.54 going to the Presbytery of Northern New York.

            Many members of our church have already made their per capita payments. Our Church must pay per capita for each member, whether or not the member pays us. Your contribution helps Hammond Presbyterian Church cover our portion. Per Capita payments can be mailed to the church or dropped in the Offering with “Per Capita” written in the memo line.  If you have any questions about Per Capita, please contact Tara in the church office or Rev. Evon.  Thank you!
 MISSION: Remember, the Mitten Tree will soon be in place,  as well as our Angel Tree with cards for gifts for the Food Pantry families’ children.  Thanks for your help with these projects. Joan Hadlock
 The Cats
By Tara Atherton
Spring ahead, and Fall behind. The time to turn back your clocks and check your smoke detectors are upon us. I’m ready to gain an hour of sleep in the morning and not wake up in the pitch black to get my son ready for school. I’m sure my cats would appreciate that too since when I’m stumbling around in the dark; I’ve been hissed at a few times for the occasional stepped on tail. It’s almost as if they do it on purpose, to make sure that I’m really awake, which works well because I jump sky high and apologize profusely as they continue to test if I’m coherent by meowing for their breakfast. My coffee doesn’t brew fast enough in the morning for me to deal with all the chaos that is involved.
Sunday mornings start off as a regular day for us in the house also, except for the excitement of getting ready to go to Church to see our family. Instead of my cats complaining of my slow speed in the morning, it’s my daughter. Almost as if she was saying, “I’m ready to fill my soul.” as the cats do with their tummies. And as you sit in the Church, the feeling of being fed comes over you. It’s that warm feeling you get when you eat that you feel in your soul that God is filling.  We may not be cats, but every Sunday, God makes sure that our souls are well fed. And if our souls get hungry, as we pray for his guidance and love during the week, I’m sure a smile comes on his face as he willingly takes care of us, as I do when I feed my cats. Luckily, we don’t need to worry about God stepping on our tails in the morning, while he makes sure that we are completely taken care of.
The following was written by an American volunteer working with Marion Medical Mission on the Shallow Well project in Africa. “As the elderly woman pumped the crystal clear water from the newly installed village well, she acknowledged through her nephew that her decades-long prayers for a protected well for her village had been answered.  This Godly woman was praying with all her heart.  Sadly, she had witnessed the deaths of her parents, siblings, children and grandchildren as the result of contaminated water.  She rejoiced in sharing with us that she could now go and meet Jesus knowing that her village had safe water to drink. Because of the many well dedications I (the volunteer), have been honored to witness, I no longer take for granted the safe, clean, instant water source that flows from my kitchen sink.  Water cleanses us, quenches thirst, and binds us together with our Lord through baptism.” Thanks for your generous giving for another shallow well.  Joan Hadlock
Next Food Pantry will be Thursday, Nov. 15th.  Any income eligible families are encouraged to come for the food distribution at the Hammond Fire Hall between 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. People in Hammond, Morristown, Rossie and surrounding areas are welcome.  Hammond Food Sense program is the same day. Food Sense consists of a unit of food, usually 3 to 4 meats or fish, fresh produce and other dinner items, for a cost of $20.50 per unit. In addition, there are specials which may be ordered individually, including meats, produce, and other items. This program is a great way to save your food dollars. Food Sense must be ordered and paid for ahead of time.  Food Sense food is available the same day as Food Pantry, Nov. 15th, some time after noon.  For further information about Food Pantry or Food Sense, contact Joan Hadlock at 315/324-551





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